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2 Fathers by SW442
2 Fathers
Sketches / Linearts by me.……

I just thought it was interesting with Cross + Mana being opposites with Allen.  

Allen loved Mana, and they had a relationship with much open warmth. But it's questionable if Mana really loved him. However, for Allen, Mana is his father. 

Cross didn't offer as much open warmth, and he & Allen had an argumentative relationship. But his love for Allen was unmistakably genuine. And for Cross, Allen is his son.

Cross sees Allen as his son. But Allen sees Mana as his father, and stated at 1 point that Mana was his closest family bond - not Cross. An exchange when Lavi asks

Allen "I never really had anyone to call family, except Mana"
Lavi "What about General Cross?"
Allen"He's a savage!"
Shinamori - Won't Let Go by SW442
Shinamori - Won't Let Go
Coloring of the sketch / line I did.…
Coloring done over the course of the past day. Line took 2 hours. 

Momo gets pissed should her captain be injured. As we see with Bambi. But nice to see it's reciprocal. Shinji watches out for Momo as well. Though saving her left him open for attack.

Hope we see more of their relationship as time goes on. but nice to see them get closer after the Aizen ordeal. 
Father x Son-2 by SW442
Father x Son-2
Cross tells Allen he can have cake when he wins all the money.

But still cute Cross lets Allen sit on his lap. I wonder how Allen feels thinking back that he used to sleep on Cross, and sit on his lap. Wink/Razz He may have blocked that out. haha

Sketch by Me.…

Original by Hoshino.…

I will probably work more on this in addition to my other pic, and fix my sketch so it comes out better and more smooth. But this is the current work.  
The messages are spam. If someone is gonna put a comment on my profile, please have it be something conversation bearing. 

Just simple "Thanks for the fav" is rather annoying. Glad you're happy I liked your work. But no need to thank me for it. 
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