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---What kind of impression of Cross do you have, sensei?
“Because Cross is the one closest to the truth, he lives hiding bitter things... He’s a person with hardships because he’s a person who deals with the secret agreement he made with the 14th in his own way. Because of this, the way Cross lets off steam is incredible (laughs). Because he unwillingly got involved with the 14th and got saddled with trouble (smiles wryly).”

---What visual aspect do you pay most attention to?
“The difficult. He’s difficult to sketch. He has a lot of hair and the ends of his hair curl up. I draw those curls by turning my wrist; they’re difficult to draw. I always upset the balance, flip the paper and redraw him again. To me, Cross’ curls are annoying (smiles wryly). But his facial expressions are easy because he lives and acts on instinct (laughs).”

---What does Cross think about Allen?
“To tell the truth, he thinks Allen is quite cute. He tried to empathize as little as possible with Allen, but after Cross’ true feelings slipped out when they talked together at the new Headquarter Allen was cute, I think. I think Cross regards Allen as his own child. I think he loves Allen’s dark side (laughs). That’s why he likes picking on Allen more and more. He is angry about the time when Allen hit him with Tim though. That definitely hurt (smiles wryly).”

---What is his image-color?
“Red. The red of a flame. Krory’s color is blood red, but Cross’ is fire red. I have this image of him setting his surroundings on fire just by talking (laughs).”

---What’s in store for Cross?
“It’s unknown whether he’s alive or death so... But a younger Cross will appear in flashbacks when I’ll draw about the 14th’s story. Please look forward to seeing his connection to the 14th being explained.”
I believe it's possible the brothers got released from their weapons after the war ended.

The characters are basically taken right from the demon kings of Journey to the West—King Golden Horn and King Silver Horn. Given the series, some things had to be changed to accommodate for the brothers. In the original story, they are the sons of the Kyuubi vixen, who stays in the form of an old woman. Kurama is male in the series, so that won't work. But Kishi still had them spend some times in the Kyuubi's stomach, and emerge with some of it's power.

In the original tale, they are apprentices to the great sage. Here, they are his descendants, confirmed in the fourth databook (pg 94). And both meet the same end in the original take. They end up sealed within their treasures, where upon the great sage comes to take them back to heaven. Their true forms were two young boys, their demon halves being destroyed upon being trapped.

Now, with our Kinkaku and Ginkaku, it's not hard to believe they could have had the same fate. Not being two little boys. But being purified. They used to be heroes, and respected in Kumogakure-known as The Two Shining Lights. But at some point, they fell from grace and committed many crimes, and died and disgraced criminals. Databook states the coup d'etat wasn't the only thing they did, so much as one of the many things they did.

It's possible that while they were able to get some of Kurama's chakra, and survive the battle with him, the chakra still may have had negative influence on the two, causing them to become more corrupt, and maybe hateful/arrogant. Where they then attempted to run things and take over.

Now when they are sealed upon their revival, Tobi takes the treasures and feeds them to the statue.

It's possible feeding off of, and draining the chakra from the brothers may have purified them inside the weapons, taking the power, thus the negative influence it had over them. Itachi mentioned that sometimes great power can make one very arrogant and corrupt.  

When Kinkaku was sealed, he still had the gold rope on his arm causing Darui to say the weapons were useless due to that.

But Tenten, in the epilogue, is shown with that very rope in her store.

So it was acquired off of Kinkaku's arm somehow. So, it's very possible, Kinkaku was released, along with his brother, maybe ending on a good note and possible getting their good name back if it becomes clear they were influenced by Kurama's power-rather than them just being vile in general automatically. So like the original Gold and Silver Horn, being sealed got them healed, and rid of their demonic/evil halves.

Kishi seemed to use this Edo as a way of providing closure to some of the past characters, and some end on a good note before their deaths this time. KinGin being corrupted & cleansed seems like a decent ending imo.

So, I am not saying they're walking around like Oro still. But they may very well have been released from the weapons and returned to whatever afterlife exists in this series, along with having their good name back.  
The messages are spam. If someone is gonna pput a comment on my profile, please have it be something conversation bearing. 

Just simple "Thanks for the fav" is rather annoying. Glad you're happy I liked your work. But no need to thank me for it. 
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